The How I Learned Series features writers, storytellers, comedians, and other raconteurs holding forth on a different theme. It all happens every last Wednesday of the month, and sometimes more than that, which basically means you will have the best night of your life on those nights, repeatedly.

Look How Excited They Are About Doing This Gig!

The next show is Wednesday, April 27th at Union Hall. The theme is "How I Learned The Struggle Is Real!"

It really is. Just look at their faces.

We Already Can't Believe How Good This Is Going To Be

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All Your Dreams Are Coming True

This Wednesday's show is being sponsored by Carvel Ice Cream. Come get your Cookie Puss, Cookie Pusses! Also, Fudgie The Whale. Also, Union Hall Drink Specials and stories that will make you laugh, cry, and also make you feel better about yourself at our expense, probably. It's going to be bananas foster.

Get tickets and save room for dessert:  How I Learned To Eat Cake: Stories About Birthdays Featuring Cathy Erway, Drew Prochaska, Anita Flores, Rachael Parenta + Julie Threlkeld

Posted: February 23, 2016

Erin Carr On Her Dad, David Carr, One Year Later

The daughter of one of my favorite journalists and the author of The Night of The Gun, one of my favorite memoirs, has penned something about her dad that may or may not have made me sob uncontrollably for a few minutes because PARENT ISSUES. 

The late David Carr was a guest on How I Learned when the show was just 8 months old and still at the-now-some-sort-of-awful-restaurant-but-with-the-same-name lounge, Happy Ending. When we emailed back and forth about about it, and I told him I was, at the time, devouring The Night of The Gun, he wrote back "That book sucks. You've been warned." About the show, he said, "I'm happy to say yes now and will hate it with the force of 10k suns right before I go up." 

He wrote a story for the theme "How I Learned What Everyone Else Already Knew." Naturally, it was funny and smart and he was charming. He exited with an Irish goodbye so I emailed him the next day to thank him and also make sure the force of 10k suns hadn't driven him out of the crowded red lit bar into the dark night on the edge of Chinatown. I asked if he enjoyed it after all. "I did. It was a pleasure to read for your folk. xo d"

Thanks, David. And thank you, Erin, for sharing your dad with us.


Posted: February 12, 2016

Put On Your Red Shoes and Dance The Blues

Last night I had a slideshow of Bowie photos looping backstage just because.

We surprised the audience with a Bowie Tribute at the end of the show. I'd asked Lauren Maul to write a 4-minute medley and did she ever. We ran the slideshow on the big screen on stage while she got us all up in a good ol' fashioned singalong. "Just some folk songs by a recently fallen hero...", she proclaimed before gleefully launching into "Young Americans." <3

An Interview With Brokelyn About Se7en F'ing Years!

Interview by Tim Donnelly. 

I gotta get better at interviews. Like, from now on just come to the show and ask me who I'm wearing and I'll either say, "vintage no-name" or "My neighbor. I guess it's stuff she didn't want; it was all out on the street."

I can't believe it's been seven years. There's nothing I've done for seven years in a row. Not even eating.

Thank you, Brokelyn, and thanks to everyone who's kept this thing going by being in the show or coming out to the show and following the podcast (which I swear will have a new episode up any day now), and telling your friends and all that amazing stuff. You light up my life. You are the wind beneath my wings. You make me feel like a natural woman. I'm so tired!

XO Blaise


You guys, this show has been going on for seven years. That's just crazy. What has happened here? I can't even remember what I did yesterday.

The How I Learned Series Presents

(Writer, Reductress / Host, Dudes Being Dudes Being Dudes)

(Writer, The Guardian; NPR; New York Magazine)
(Actor / Co-Host, The Shame Game)
(Best Emerging Comic, NY Underground Comedy Festival; Comedy Central's Live at Gotham)
(Author, 100 GhostsSome Very Interesting Cats Perhaps You Weren't Aware Of)

Hosted by:

Wednesday, January 27th, 2015
8PM Show (7:30 Doors)
702 Union Street, Brooklyn
R to Union
B, D, N, Q, R, 2, 3, 4, 5 to Atlantic
F, G to 4th Avenue

$6 in Advance / $10 Day of the Show

Here's the event on Facebook if you like events on Facebook.

LAUREN MAUL has written for BUST and Reductress. You can catch her hosting Bitchcraft at the Duplex, and Dudes Being Dudes Being Dudes at Over The 8. Her character Marilyn Summers is also known to frequent the popular gameshow The Cabaret Showdown. Other credits include The Refugee Girls Revue (performer/musical director) and Stand-Up: The MUSICAL! (creator/composer). Lauren has also appeared in several festivals, including Just for Laughs, Chicago Sketchfest, the Women in Comedy Festival, SOLOCOM, NY Fringe, Brooklyn Comedy Festival, and San Francisco Sketchfest, where Dudes Being Dudes Being Dudes played to a sold-out audience.

ALANA MASSEY is a writer covering identity, culture, technology, and relationships for NPR, NYMag, The Atlantic, The Guardian, Matter, The New Republic, Pacific Standard, The LA Review of Books, BuzzFeed, VICE, Deadspin, The Washington Post, The New Inquiry, Jacobin, The Hairpin, Jezebel and more. Her first collection of essays, All the Lives I Want, is forthcoming from Grand Central Publishing, an imprint of Hachette Book Group.

JOSH HOMER has always been an outsider—from growing up in an interracial household to being raised a Jehovah's Witness, he was on the outside of the mainstream, looking in. Now, as an adult, Josh’s performances take his unordinary experiences and make them relatable through the universal language of human emotion. Josh has been performing stand-up comedy for 10 years in New York, where he has received several accolades including winning Best Emerging Comedian in the New York Underground Comedy Festival. He has also been featured on Comedy Central's Live at Gotham and Travel Channel's Food Palaces.

GINNY LEISE is an actor, comedian and writer. She is the co-producer and co-host of The Shame Game: A Storytelling Gameshow. When she isn't touring the country with the Awkward Sex and the City tour, she can be seen performing all over New York. The most expedient places to stalk her on the internet are @ginnyleise and

DOOGIE HORNER is a comedian, writer, artist, and author of Some Very Interesting Cats Perhaps You Weren't Aware Of (Workman),100 Ghosts (Quirk Books), and Everything Explained Through Flowcharts (HarperCollins). His art and writing have appeared in Wired, McSweeney's, Fast Company, Boing Boing, the Believer, the London Times, the Sun, and other publications. His comedy achieved national attention when a video of him taming a hostile crowd on America's Got Talent became a viral sensation.