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A Dead Rockstar, A Stripper, A Girl-Crush, and Your Bush

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello! Wow. Last night's reading, How I Learned My Adolescence Was Over, was ridiculously fun with a great crowd made up of good looking individuals who may or may not ever behave like adults. It was such a relief for me personally to finally confess to the public that I have the emotional maturity of a 17-year-old. I don't think people even realized!

AND! After the reading lots of folks hung out for the 10pm dance party with hipsters and balloons. Adulthood be damned!

Here are some great photos of the reading:

I shared some INXS fan fiction I wrote when I was 15-ish. Special guest JONATHAN TAYLOR read the part of the late Aussie pop sensation Michael Hutchence. Jonathan is moderating a PEN World Voices panel discussion on Kafka on April 30th.

JAMI ATTENBERG is a total pro. Plus funny. Plus lovely. She read a story from her book Instant Love. (We both had characters named Shelley in our stories. What are the odds? What does it mean?) Jami has two books you should definitely buy.

ANN CARR charmed the audience with a story about adulthood, or what we think adulthood is supposed to be. You can read the "veritable tome" for yourself. It is excellent. See her in Use It now through April at UCB Theatre.

The hilarious LIAM MCENEANEY read a story about going to a strip club as a teen. Then he tore up the dance floor with Ann Carr. You can see him weekly at Tell Your Friends! at Lolita Bar. But I don't think there is dancing.

Thank you to every single person who came out and thank you to the charming and super talented readers.

See you April 22nd for How I Learned To Be Super Successful! as always at 8PM, for free, with the excellent folks at Happy Ending.

Love, Blaise

Photos: Bruno Navarro