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That Was Super Fun And I'm Not Going To Lie: I Am Fixing To Marry Dave Hill

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dear Everyone,

Hello! The topic of last night's reading was How I Learned To Be Super Successful! and here's what happened:

S.L. Wisenberg came from Chicago with her new book The Adventures of Cancer Bitch. It was a privilege to have her there and I'm pretty sure she brought with her the spirit of Oprah, arguably the most super successful person on the planet.

Patrice Evans
, who you probably know as TAN or The Assimilated Negro, the Gawker commenter and weekend columnist, charmed the crowd with three short pieces, including one about his successes as a blogger, and a fable about race that kind of blew my mind.

Rachel Shukert shared a piece from her forthcoming book The Grand Tour, which no one had ever heard before. It was trial by fire and she totally kicked that fire's ass. Can't wait now for the book. Oprah's Book Club is so in her future.

Finally, the hilarious Dave Hill read about what it means to be super successful and I kind of lost my mind completely. He had me at "pants". Then he really set it off by referencing Bjorn Borg. You can read what he wrote here. Hold on to your heartstrings.

Some other things that happened were: We had an intermission, the audience laughed and applauded, and I was drunk by the end of the first piece so, I would have to say it was pretty successful! I think I have mentioned Oprah way too many times in the last 24 hours.

Love, Blaise

PS. Next month, on May 27th, we present How I Learned About Sex. You knew we'd do a sex one at some point. Stay tuned for more info, but I will tell you now that 1) it will be hilarious, and 2) there will be music and visuals. You're not going to want to miss it!

Photos by Bruno J. Navarro