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Humiliation and Hilarity

Friday, August 28, 2009

How are you? That's good. Listen, Wednesday's How I Learned to Laugh at Myself pretty much killed thanks to the writing talent and comedic stylings of our readers. After hearing about Brian Grosz's nether region trauma, Jiji Lee's before-the-morning-after morning after pill problem, Suzie Guillette's friend's very special underwear incident, Jon Friedman's garbage collecting humiliation, and perhaps even my never-meant-to-go-public ballet routine, I think we all left feeling a little bit better about ourselves. The stiff drinks didn't not help. Man, it was fun. Thank you, everyone.

Actor and musician BRIAN GROSZ and the Lapdance Academy girls. (They're not really his girls. Please don't sue me, ladies.)

Guess who.

Obviously discussing his prostate here.

If anyone could have held their own following Grosz's prostate story, it was hysterical writer and playwright JIJI LEE on collegiate sex mishaps.

We offered a signed copy of Rejected: Tales of the Failed, Dumped and Canceled to one brave soul willing to come up and tell an embarrassing story of their own. Here is KATHERINE relaying her tale while I evidently do something totally crazy at her with my face.

The delightful SUZANNE GUILLETTE reads from her book Much to Your Chagrin: A Memoir of Embarrassment, a funny and heartfelt book about Guillette's coming to terms with some of her own experiences through the embarrassing stories of others. Really!

The Rejection Show and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon blogger JON FRIEDMAN is a hit with the ladies.

Packed house. People usually flee the city in August. Thank you, terrible economy!

Me with Jon Friedman before the show. Someone please email me a caption for this.

In conclusion, the crowd was happy, the performers were happy, I was happy, everybody was a winner. You can be a winner too just by attending next month's How I Learned on September 23rd and telling all of your friends. The topic is How I Learned to Live in New York. See you then! Stay tuned for details.

xoxo Blaise

Photos by Bryan Formhals