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Um, Hi!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello 2010. I really hope we can be friends.

And hello and happy new year to all half dozen or so of you who may be reading this! Ready or not -- and I'm not sure that I am -- How I Learned is back! You did know we were gone, right?

As promised, after a two month hiatus I'm bringing you a super spectacular kick-off for the 2010 season. But before I announce the details, I just want to send some love to all of the readers and performers from 2009 (see list below) who made the first year of How I Learned so entertaining. I've learned so much from them. None of the invaluable life lessons I've learned are coming to mind at this particular moment, but I know they're in there somewhere. My brain is like a sieve. I can't make new memories. It's like Memento up in here, but without murder and not as rapey as far as I know.