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The Game of Life

Monday, April 5th, 2010

Hello! Happy springtime! Oh, man--March madness indeed. It was a big month for How I Learned. HIL had a great feature article in Time Out, a stellar monthly reading at Happy Ending, and two back-to-back shows in the fine city of New Orleans. Amazing. Unbelievable. So fun. I am tired. Here are some pictures from last month's New York show, How I Learned What Life is Like.

PLUS: New Orleans photos coming up. AND details for this month's reading, back again at Happy Ending, coming soon...

 GIVEAWAYS! Man, I thought my John Hughes trivia questions were going to be easy. I am now officially self-conscious about how many details I've memorized from Sixteen Candles. (But in my own defense I seriously could have been the oldest person in the room.)

DANIEL NESTER with a pretty lady named Kristin. Dan is the author of, among other things, How to Be Inappropriate, which is a very important book for navigating through life's wilderness. Dan read a version of this story about dog turds in Williamsburg and a few other things having to do with, you know, life.

I love this woman. JULIE KLAUSNER, fresh from dental trauma, read a hilarious true tale of a one-night-stand with a PYT who sap-tapped her for maple syrup. That's a Klausner euphemism. Read the story your own fine self in Julie's new book, I Don't Care About Your Band.

This is JUSTIN TAYLOR. He is a great short story writer and everybody's talking about it. Sixteen Candles was totally lost on him, though. I think he was born pretty recently. STILL! His debut, Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever, is pretty stunning.

STEFAN MERRILL BLOCK, author of The Story of Forgetting, shared a beautiful, transportive, personal story about a boy and his coyote. It's okay to swoon.

Thanks to Jon Boulier for the photos.