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The Good Times Are Killing Me

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Hello! Let's take a moment to celebrate some good-time news from the How I Learned Alumni department.

CLAUDIA COGAN killed on Last Comic Standing tonight! She was adorbs. Did you see it? Sorry I forgot to tell you sooner. Is this a spoiler? ...Boy, I hope she makes it! Two other lady comics and previous HIL performers are featured on The Frisky as ones to watch and also laugh at: CHELSEA PERETTI, GIULIA ROZZI. Meanwhile, ROSIE SCHAAP has gone dutch (that's World Cup talk) on NPR, LIAM MCENEANEY is making a live concert movie out of Tell Your Friends!, MIKE ALBO (handsomely pictured) wrote The Twinkle Takeover for New York mag, DIANA SPECHLER has a Modern Love piece in the New York Times, and there are books on the shelves right now, or coming this summer, from How I Learned readers including BEN GREENMAN (What He's Poised To Do), RACHEL SHUKERT (Everything is Going to be Great), and ERIN BRADLEY (Every Rose Has Its Thorn), who'll be back on the How I Learned stahge next freaking week!

I should probably add that I know there is even more going on out there but frankly, I can't keep up. I'm just one little me and there are only about eight or nine hours in the day, I think. However, I can assure you that I support everyone and everything they do forever even if I have no idea what they're up to.

While I'm doing that, I hope you'll plan on coming to next week's HOW I LEARNED MUSIC COULD CHANGE MY LIFE on June 23rd for giveaways, a special guest (!), and an excellent lineup of smart folks -- Rob Sheffield, Ben Lerman, Daniel Nester and, as mentioned, Erin Bradley -- musing on music in a seriously laugh-out-loud kind of way. The good times just keep coming. Weird!