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Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Hello! It's me again. Just wanted to share some photos from September's super fun How I Learned, How I Learned to Inhale: Stories About Drugs. We covered a lot of important bases: crack, coke, weed, heroin, ambien, klonopin, ecstasy, post-op meds and also Riverdance.

I'd say more but it's 2am as I write this and I'm exhausted and advanced in age. Oh, but I will say thank you, as always, to the awesome readers and to everyone who came out to Happy Ending. And, okay, I'll say one more thing: October's show will pretty much knock your socks off in a major way, I think. It's October 27th. It's How I Learned To Believe. It's with Tom Shillue and more. Stay tuned for details, and be sure to come because I'm off during November and December and you might suffer some serious withdrawal symptoms during that time. Just so you know.

xoxo Blaise

PS. In the vein of drugs (no pun intended), talented performers and things that are sad:  Rest In Peace, Greg Giraldo. We liked him.

 EDITH ZIMMERMAN (The Awl; Vulture) talks about post-op healing gone awry due to an allergic reaction. Naturally, the story involves washcloths and Michael Flatley. Find the lovely Edith at

The charming TONY O'NEILL reads a story about a rehab stint from his latest book, Sick City, which you're probably going to want to buy if you haven't already. Learn more about Tony, his writing, and his music, at
ROYAL YOUNG (Interview; Fame Shark) returns to his roots at Happy Ending. As the story goes, he got into some things there when he was 19. That was, like, last year!* Read more of Royal's writing here, for starters.
The always entertaining JEFF SIMMERMON (The Moth; This American Life) shares a story about online dating, moving to Australia, and doing ecstasy with his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. That can't end well. Visit Jeff at

All photos by Jon Boulier. Hire him.

* I kept joking about How I Learned's drug themed show would be just like Not My Kid, an 80's made for TV movie I was obsessed with as a young girl. Then I realized that 50% of the lineup was born the same year Not My Kid aired. Awesome. Here's some Not My Kid for you: