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Love Actually

Monday, January 31st, 2011

WELL. As you may have heard How I Learned turned TWO last week. To help celebrate Maggie Estep, James Hannaham, Ryan Britt, and Amy Shapiro held forth on the theme How I Learned I Was Basically in Love With You, and special musical guest members of Lloyd United, played a ukelele and percuss version of Duran Duran's "Rio." Wait. What? I know! The night was wet and slushy and it was fixing to blizzard but you people still packed the room. Thank you, you people. I am basically in love with all of you.

Here are photos from last week. They were taken by the great Jon Boulier. We're off to a great season. Everything is great.

MR. RYAN BRITT. He appears on stahge regularly in storytelling shows all across this crazy city. Here he almost looks like a cross between Jonathan Ames and my boyfriend's best friend who lives in Athens, Georgia but none of that has anything to do with anything.
I stood at the ready holding AMY SHAPIRO's cocktails while she read her ode to booze. See her comedy show AKA Pants every 2nd Tuesday at Parkside Lounge.
I told you when I invited you that there might be party hats.
We won this book by Maggie Estep! And we love our glasses and our hats!
The amazing MAGGIE ESTEP. Wish I had a drink ticket for every girl who told me Maggie changed their life.
Half of this table was Hats Only. Cheers!
I don't know, I just like it.

Those two again.
He's looking at his special one-of-a-kind party favor! HE LOVES IT! Also, he was really into the hat.
More cuteness. But they weren't into the hats so much.
God Says No auteur JAMES HANNAHAM. Oh, man. I am definitely basically in love with him.
This is Lloyd of LLOYD UNITED, one part pop ukulele outfit, one part hooligan prog rock experience and one part beer-soaked Irish drinking song mob. Just out of frame is a dude on percussion. His name is Dave.
They. Are. Loving. It. And not only because they happen to be friends of mine.
They wore the party hats and blew the whistle-horn-whizzer things. I don't know who they are but I'm pretty into their enthusiasm.

PS. Come back 2/23 for How I Learned There Might Be Some Issues: Stories About Therapy (details coming soon), and get on the mailing list by just asking!

[UPDATE: The 2011 cals have sold out but you can still donate!] You can buy a 2011 Unexpected Pitbull calendar featuring Maggie Estep and her dog Mickey! (We gave one away at the show.) Maggie says: "It's a great cause, 100% of profits go to helping the hundreds of thousands of pits in shitty situations... So many HUGE misconceptions about these dogs, it's heartbreaking."