Since 2009, How I Learned has featured some of the best live storytelling, comedy, and readings in New York City. It all happens a couple of times a year, and sometimes more than that, which basically means you'll have the best night of you life on those nights, repeatedly.

Cómo Aprendí (I Think That Means 'How I Learned' in Spanish)

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Hi! Usually, I have photos to share with you in the post-show blog post, but this time I don't. My official photographer had some sort of beef taco emergency. He's fine.


Please imagine, from last week's How I Learned To Fight Back!: A photo of author JAMI ATTENBERG recounting the time that she plotted a sting to retrieve her beloved stolen bicycle. In this photo, her bangs look excellent.

Now imagine there's a photo of writer and comedian MR. BOB POWERS addressing the audience as the head of a neighborhood crime watch association. I forget the name of the neighborhood. It may have had the word Pine in it as well as Oak and also Bluff, but I'm not sure.

Now pretend there is a photograph of storyteller and aerialist JOANNE SOLOMON. She is reading from a piece of paper about how an ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend beat her up in a bathroom in Milan, while Joanne translated for her. Joanne is, like, a million times lovelier than that sentence makes her sound.

That picture is followed by this picture: A photo of CYNTHIA KAPLAN, in her second How I Learned appearance, playing an original song on her acoustic guitar. The song was called Letter From Dr. Randall Berkhauser.  I was supposed to mention to the audience that she had with her for the taking copies of her CD, FANGRY. Since she is most likely not in the room with you this very moment and can't just hand you a CD, mentioning this now doesn't really help. Maybe she'll be in the room with you later.

Here you could envision a photo of me talking into the microphone and forgetting to mention Cynthia's CDs. I look pretty tired because I was in Central America the night before and it took me 20 hours to get back to New York. I'm smiling, though, because the show is fun. And I'm drunk. Also, I am wearing a t-shirt that says "Nothing To Prove," but I'm wearing it inside out.

Finally, pretend I've posted a wide shot of the audience really enjoying themselves! Which they did! And everyone is GORGEOUS! You can be in a photograph just like this one if you come to the next How I Learned. It is going to be so fantastic. I can't even believe the lineup myself....

...Mark your calendars. April 27th. The topic is How I Learned It's Not Me, It's You (Or, Maybe It's Me), featuring SAM LIPSYTE (WHAT!), ANDREA ROSEN (I KNOW!), ELISSA BASSIST (SERIOUSLY?) and JIM O'GRADY (OH, MAN!).

I can't wait. I might faint. Stay tuned for details....

Thanks, as always, to everyone who made--and continues to make--How I Learned totally super.
xo Blaise