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Feeling Feelings

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Dear Everyone:

The last so-good-it's-not-to-be-believed HIL show was on February 23rd. It feels so long ago considering the levels of my distractibility, my frazzled self, my rapidly advancing age..., that I can barely remember most of it. Also: Vodka. So here are some super fun photos taken by JON BOULIER. The theme was How I Learned There Might Be Some Issues: Stories About Therapy. Thank you to everyone who came to the show! Another packed house! (POLL: Raise your hand if you think How I Learned has outgrown the beloved Happy Ending space-wise.)

MISS JIJI LEE, writer and creator of the new web series Cooking for One, on "how my severe cystic acne led me to a path of holistic therapy and self help." Yusssss!
ELIOT GLAZER letting loose on an insane psychotherapist he went to a couple of years ago. Bonus: He read some of her scathing reviews on Double Bonus: A woman in the audience WENT TO THE SAME CRAZY THERAPIST! (Here's just some of what Eliot shared with us... with visuals.)

Storyteller supreme often seen in The Liar Show and in The Moth, TRACY ROWLAND tells a story about her battle against Joe The Life Coach for her ex-boyfriend's soul.  (Evidently, the Life Coach never loses.)
Auteur AMY SOHN, at times using one of the cutest bad faux German accents ever performed under the How I Learned hot lights, talks about the shrink she once had who also purportedly treated "the most famous client in all of analytic history" Why, yes--she does mean Woody Allen.
Here is a pretty serious conversation about FEELINGS.
That is SARAH BROWN I'm talking to. She is the woman behind Cringe. She gets my eternal gratitude not only for the existence of all things Cringe, but because when Happy Ending was on the hunt for someone to pitch an idea for a new monthly series SB sent them directly to moi. What more can I say.
FIRST-TIMERS! At How I Learned, I mean. Gorgeous.
This is audience member BRIANNA winning a prize that I didn't actually have on me.
This is BRIAN, longtime HIL supporter. For telling an impromptu story about how his therapist laughed at him for accidentally burning his own mother's nether regions with Dr. Bronner's (it sounds more lude than it actually was), Brian won some How I Learned currency: a one-of-a-kind HIL $10,000 bank note which he can try to use to pay his next therapist.

More photos on the Facebooks. Enjoy.
xoxo Blaise


Next Up:
Wednesday, March 23rd
Stories about revenge, bravery, or just plain sticking up for oneself or someone else. Also, maybe a rumble with full-on knife fighting.
(Girls Are Pretty; Steamboat Series)
(The Moth; De La Guarda)
(The Melting Season; Instant Love)
(Why I'm Like This; The Cynthia Kaplan Ordeal

More details soon... Hope to see you there!