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Plus, He's French.

Friday, March 4th, 2011

Photo: Jon Boulier
Does you daughter need a date to the semi-formal? Do you need to hire a chaperone for spring break in Cancun? Or maybe you just need something for yourself or for your business. Maybe you need a photographer. Or maybe you need someone to design your website. Or your fliers. Or your business cards. Or your logo.

Well, my friend Jon Boulier does a lot of stuff for How I Learned, like taking awesome photos and designing t-shirts. (Yes! We are going to have T-SHIRTS. Someday.) He does this all pro boner to support How I Learned because we are pals, and also because How I Learned is a free show without a budget, except for what's inside my wallet, which, last I checked, was a twenty and a receipt from the pharmacy, plus 9 K-Mart Olan Mills studio portraits of my friend Sarah. (Those are worth a lot, but I will never sell them.)

My point is, you should hire Jon for something because I can't afford to pay him in real money. I pay him in one-of-a-kind How I Learned bank notes. Whatever the job is, he can  probably do it. He likes pizza and cats. Here's his website. Thanks!