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Sex Stuff: More Catching Up with Photos

Monday, June 6th, 2011

How I Learned About Sex (Volume II)

SHAWN HOLLENBACH shares his childhood world of unicorns. This one unicorn is a rainbow maker!

The adorably befreckled Miss MICHELE CARLO reads from her memoir Fish Out of Agua.

Ladies laughing. That's what I like to see.
MR. PAUL FORD in his second HIL appearance. What can I say? The man knows how to tell a story.
More ladies laughing!
RACHEL SHERMAN didn't even know her story would be funny. It was very funny.
BEN LERMAN singing about a town called Bonerville.
BETSY PEPSII MAHER at the bar. She's the best.

We have fun! The end. (That's all I got.) See you June 27th for an all-new topic! You guys, that's right around the corner.
xoxo Blaise