Since 2009, How I Learned has featured some of the best live storytelling, comedy, and readings in New York City. It all happens a couple of times a year, and sometimes more than that, which basically means you'll have the best night of you life on those nights, repeatedly.

Filmed in Front of a Live Studio Audience

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Here are photos from the last show. It was really fun, and if you missed it you should maybe talk to someone about it. I've probably said this before, and I don't want to psychoanalyze you, but it might be why you've been depressed lately.

How I Learned You Can't Do That on Television:
Stories About TV!

Here's LIZZ WINSTEAD. She's just the co-creator of The Daily Show, among other things. No big.
JON FRIEDMAN looks great in plaid. You probably know him from The Rejection Show, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and HOW I LEARNED FROM TWO YEARS AGO! Also, you can buy his book! There is still time!
Here I am in what I like to call "my pregnant dress." I am not pregnant, thank god. Because you can't raise a child on Lara Bars and Campari. 
This is Happy Ending's oft-pictured Table #7, for those of you keeping score at home.
Beautiful DIANA SPECHLER has published a second novel since we last saw her at How I Learned.  There is Who By Fire, and there is Skinny, and I imagine you might want to go ahead and buy both of them.
Last, but least of all least, here is BEN LILLIE, co-founder of The Story Collider. He is also a Moth champion and a writer for TED. Yes, that TED--that thing that makes you say to yourself: Huh. Maybe I need to be doing something a little bit more phenomenal with my life. Maybe I need to be more The Secret-like.
Next Up: 
8/24--How I Learned to Fight Loneliness
Featuring: Ophira Eisenberg, Catie Lazarus, Connor Gaudet, D.E. Rasso, and Brian Grosz
Stay tuned for more details...

Many, many thanks to last month's guests and to everyone who came out to see them!

xoxo Blaise