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Just Smile All the Time

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Gah! It's the last day of August. How did that happen? Well, How I Learned To Fight Loneliness, the last show of the summer, offered valuable lessons learned from our esteemed lineup. Musings on hanging out in "old man bars," life as an only child, life as the middle fourth child, long and empty nights on the road (show biz!), and getting a gratuitous breast exam when your nurse is a Lenny Kravitz look-alike were among the true--and very helpful and informative--stories. I'm telling you, except for that one time I got a prescription for vicodin after I got four wisdom teeth taken out simultaneously and I watched all seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in one sitting with maybe just a wee little glass of wine or two added to the extra vike 'round about season four while my then boyfriend was out in the midwest working on a pipeline, loneliness has never been so much fun! (Based on a true story.) So, thank you to Catie Lazarus, Ophira Eisenberg, D.E. Rasso, Connor Gaudet and Brian Grosz for a great show!

I have some videos to share with you. But before I do: Mark your calendars! September 28th! The topic is How I Learned To Survive and the lineup includes author Alexander Chee and storytellers Ed Gavagan, Melanie Hamlett and Joanne Solomon on real survival related issues like pooping in buckets, finding your inner tarot, and also getting stabbed. Again, should be very helpful and informative. Stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE: Jillian Lauren has just been added to the lineup, all the way from Los Angeles!

Now, from our very own YouTube channel, here's Brian Grosz telling his loneliness story (more clips from last week's show coming soon-ish), followed by Miss Martha Davis and The Motels' Only the Lonely. So good, both.