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TWO NEW PODCAST EPISODES! Kate Greathead and Juliet Hope Wayne

Here are two ladies I know from The Moth, both of whom I knew would be perfect for How I Learned.

Several times over the last year, I saw KATE GREATHEAD slay the Moth competition. This is her first story on a real podcast. It's basically like I discovered her, you guys. Remember that when she's famous. She was a featured guest on the show "How I Learned Little Things Are Big" sharing a story about a post-breakup blind date.

JULIET HOPE WAYNE is another fabulous storyteller with a distinctive style. She came from Philly to do the show "How I Learned To Lie, Cheat, Or Steal (Vol. II)," which will go down in How I Learned history as one of my favorite shows of all time, ever. Juliet's story is about a concert, a wild cab ride... and three moons.

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(Music: "Love Plus One" - Haircut 100)

Juliet Hope Wayne - Black Magic Woman
(Music: "Black Magic Woman" - Santana)

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