Since 2009, How I Learned has featured some of the best live storytelling, comedy, and readings in New York City. It all happens a couple of times a year, and sometimes more than that, which basically means you'll have the best night of you life on those nights, repeatedly.


I want to share with you cool things that are happening for some of How I Learned's alumni. Why, yes I will take all the credit, thank you for asking. Just kidding. I'm lucky enough that these people even talk to me.

Here are some highlights:

BROOKE VAN POPPELEN, funny lady and stone cold fox, will be on CRAIG FERGUSON at the end of January. Check yo' local listings. Don't miss.

DAVE HILL's got his own goddamn radio show called THE GODDAMN DAVE HILL SHOW on WFMU.

MIKE ALBO's one man show based on his novella, THE JUNKET, will be at Dixon Place this month. Check the website for listings. Get a piece of that. He's the best.

DAVID CRABB is bringing back his wildly celebrated one man show, BAD KID, to New York at The PIT on Saturday January 25th at 9:30PM.

ROSIE SCHAAP celebrated the paperback release of her memoir DRINKING WITH MEN, by inviting five storytellers, poets, and writers to talk about bars, including myself and How I Learned alums KATHERINE LANPHER and JEFF GORDINIER. Schaap herself is also an HIL alum, and you can buy her book here.

BROAD CITY (Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson) is about to debut their show on Comedy Central, produced by Amy Poehler. Totally not a big deal at all. Not even worth looking into.

JACKIE MANCINI got married and also she's preggers. She's now Mrs. Ruiz, to you.

JIJI LEE has created her own storytelling show -- because there's a real shortage of those in this city -- that takes place at Over The Eight in Williamsburg. It's called SPLIT PERSONALITY and it's a story open mic, plus two featured guests. The first show last week went off without a hitch.

PETER AGUERO, MOTH host and master storyteller, brings his one-man show back, this time at The Bell House. It's the big leagues. The show is called DADDY ISSUES. So many...

LESLIE GOSHKO has inadvertently curated an all-How I Learned lineup for her next show, SIDESHOW GOSHKO, at KGB Bar. This storytelling scene is incestuous. Guests are ANDY CHRISTIE, TARA CLANCY and KEVIN ALLISON.

MIKE O'BRIEN, was a writer for SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and after he did How I Learned, he became a cast member. I'm not saying one has anything to do with the other, you guys, but I'm not saying it doesn't.

CHRIS GETHARD got engaged! That's all I know.

Here's some other recent news from the lives of a few How I Learned alumni:

WILL HINES, JOE VEIX, and ROSE SURNOW all moved to California.
CAMMI CLIMACO and I almost got into a fight with a girl at The Breeders concert.

I'm so happy to have had all of these fabulous people on How I Learned! You can see the complete list of How I Learned performers past right here, if you'd like.