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NEW PODCAST EPISODE: Tara Clancy - Geriatric Village

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And now on to this week's podcast!

So many special people have graced the How I Learned stahge, and Tara Clancy is one of them.

She's written powerful personal essays for Paris Review, the New York Times and The Rumpus. She totally turns 'em out! A native New Yorker and third-generation bartender, Tara is also a licensed tout guide for the City of New York. Get on that tour bus, people. She lives in Manhattan with her gorgeous wife and their two beautiful sons.

Here's the story Tara told for the show "How I Learned To Lie, Cheat or Steal." How did she learn? From her octagenarian ancestors, of course,

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(Music: "Melancholy Baby" - Ella Fitzgerald)

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