Since 2009, How I Learned has featured some of the best live storytelling, comedy, and readings in New York City. It all happens a couple of times a year, and sometimes more than that, which basically means you'll have the best night of you life on those nights, repeatedly.


The title of this post has nothing to do with the actual post, it's just something that popped into my head a second ago.

Hey, I just wanted to tell you that we're working on some new podcast episodes, which I'm pretty excited about. Maybe you can be excited too.

We're also going to start rolling out a thing called "Extras." Maybe we have to come up with a better title, but it will be little snippets from the live shows that aren't actually stories —jokes, quick anecdotes, trivia, and some stupid shit that I said that one time. (One time.) So those are the "Extras." If you think of a better name, email me.

Related, I wanted to ask you, if you like the How I Learned show and the podcast, to open up iTunes, do a search for How I Learned and give the podcast a rating and a review. Actually, you don't even have to write a review unless you want to. You can just give us stars. Stars are beautiful.

Anyway! Please do it? It keeps our podcast going and it tells iTunes that we're something worth listening to. I'm eternally grateful for every star. Stars are beautiful. Like I said before.

Thanking you.

And see you at the next show, May 28th at Bowery Electric. Details coming soon.