Since 2009, How I Learned has featured some of the best live storytelling, reading, and comedy in New York. It all happens every month, and sometimes more than that, which basically means you'll have the best night of you life on those nights, repeatedly.


Thanks to everyone who came out to Tuesday 9/30's "How I Learned on My Summer Vacation." It was a good time and a great audience. I here tell that some folks came late to the show. By "late" I mean that they showed up the next day. How I Learned is almost always on Wednesdays except for when it isn't. The next show, on October 28th, will also be on a Tuesday and not a Wednesday. November's show is on a Thursday, the 20th, and we're off in December. But don't panic, Wednesday lovers (of which I am one). We will be on the last Wednesday of every month starting in January 2015.

I guess the takeaway here is never give up on your dreams.

SO. Save the Date! Tuesday, October 28th: "How I Learned It was a Good Idea at the Time" with Christian Finnegan (who you recognize from everywhere), writers Jen Snow, and Doogie Horner (yep), and more! Advance tickets are already on sale. 

xo Blaise