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An Interview With Brokelyn About Se7en F'ing Years!

Interview by Tim Donnelly. 

I gotta get better at interviews. Like, from now on just come to the show and ask me who I'm wearing and I'll either say, "vintage no-name" or "My neighbor. I guess it's stuff she didn't want; it was all out on the street."

I can't believe it's been seven years. There's nothing I've done for seven years in a row. Not even eating.

Thank you, Brokelyn, and thanks to everyone who's kept this thing going by being in the show or coming out to the show and following the podcast (which I swear will have a new episode up any day now), and telling your friends and all that amazing stuff. You light up my life. You are the wind beneath my wings. You make me feel like a natural woman. I'm so tired!

XO Blaise