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Erin Carr On Her Dad, David Carr, One Year Later

The daughter of one of my favorite journalists and the author of The Night of The Gun, one of my favorite memoirs, has penned something about her dad that may or may not have made me sob uncontrollably for a few minutes because PARENT ISSUES. 

The late David Carr was a guest on How I Learned when the show was just 8 months old and still at the-now-some-sort-of-awful-restaurant-but-with-the-same-name lounge, Happy Ending. When we emailed back and forth about about it, and I told him I was, at the time, devouring The Night of The Gun, he wrote back "That book sucks. You've been warned." About the show, he said, "I'm happy to say yes now and will hate it with the force of 10k suns right before I go up." 

He wrote a story for the theme "How I Learned What Everyone Else Already Knew." Naturally, it was funny and smart and he was charming. He exited with an Irish goodbye so I emailed him the next day to thank him and also make sure the force of 10k suns hadn't driven him out of the crowded red lit bar into the dark night on the edge of Chinatown. I asked if he enjoyed it after all. "I did. It was a pleasure to read for your folk. xo d"

Thanks, David. And thank you, Erin, for sharing your dad with us.


Posted: February 12, 2016