Since 2009, The How I Learned Series has featured writers, storytellers, comedians, and other raconteurs holding forth on lessons learned, unlearned, relearned or in progress. The How I Learned Series happens once a month, and sometimes more than that, which basically means you will have the best night of your life on those nights, repeatedly.

Peter Aguero (Storyteller / Host, The Moth)
Elisa Albert (Author, The Book of Dahlia)
Mike Albo (Author, The Junket)
Dan Allen (Comedian / Host, Sacapuntas!)
Kevin Allison (The State / Host, RISK!)
Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez (Storyteller; Producer, Eat Your Heart Out)
Jami Attenberg (Author, The Middlesteins)
Kimberlee Auerbach (Writer)
BROAD CITY (TV Show: Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson)
Cheryl B. (Performance Poet)
Elna Baker (Storyteller, This American Life)
Craig Baldo (Comedian, Last Comic Standing)
Erin Barker (Storyteller / Producer, The Story Collider)
Elissa Bassist (Contributor, The Rumpus)
Elicia Berger (Writer / Storyteller)
Joe Berkowitz (Writer, The Awl, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic)
James Bewley (aka Dale Seever, creator / host, Dale Radio)
Brick Bishop (Writer)
Stefan Merrill Block (Author, The Story of Forgetting)
Jen Bosworth (Actor / Storyteller, The Chicago Story Collective; NY International Fringe Festival)
Erin Bradley (Writer)
James Braly (Writer / Monologist, Life in a Marital Institution)
Ryan Britt (Storyteller / Writer)
Sarah Brown (Founder, Cringe)
Kara Buller (Comedian / Writer, Bust Magazine)
Sarah D. Bunting (Creator, Tomato Nation)
Isaac Butler (Writer / Director)
Chloe Caldwell (Author, Legs Get Led Astray)
Ann Carr (Actress)
David Carr (New York Times columnist / Author, The Night of The Gun)
Michele Carlo (Storyteller / Author, Fish Out Of Agua)
Gene Cawley (Musician)
Lauretta Charlton (The Awl; Complex; Billboard)
Alexander Chee (Author, The Queen Of The Night)
Andy Christie (Host, The Liar Show)
Tara Clancy (Storyteller, The Moth GrandSLAM / Writer, New York Times)
Christen Clifford (Performance Artist)
Cammi Climaco (Storyteller / Host, Ask Me Stories)
Tyler Coates (Editor, Black Book)
Claudia Cogan (Last Comic Standing)
Selena Coppock (Author, New Rules for Blondes)
David Crabb (Storyteller, Bad Kid / Host, Ask Me Stories)
Brady Dale (Writer / Storyteller, The World Exists)
Lauren Frey Daisley (Contributor, The Morning News)
Jessica Delfino (Musician)
Joel Derfner (Author, Swish)
Kerri Doherty (Storyteller / Host, Geeking Out)
Mike Doughty (Musician / Author, The Book of Drugs)
Amanda Duarte (Actress / Director)
Alex Edelman (Comedian)
Ophira Eisenberg (Storyteller / Host, NPR's Ask Me Another)
Janice Erlbaum (Author, Girlbomb)
Maggie Estep (Writer / Performer)
Patrice Evans (TAN) (Blogger / Author, Negropedia)
Eric Noah Feldman (Writer, McSweeney's)
Emily Flake (Writer / Cartoonist, The New Yorker)
Paul Ford (Writer, Harper's, The Morning News)
Ken Foster (Author, The Kind I'm Likely To Get)
Jon Friedman (Comedian / Creator, The Rejection Show / Writer, Guy Code)
Alex Gallafent (Correspondent, BBC Radio, PRI's The World)
Connor Gaudet (Writer)
Ed Gavagan (Storyteller, The Moth Radio Hour)
Robin Gelfenbein (Storyteller, My Salvation Has a First Name)
Christine Gentry (Storyteller)
Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show / Author, A Bad Thing I'm About To Do)
Rupinder Gill (Author, Outside Looking Indian)
Eliot Glazer (It Gets Betterish / Editor, My Parents Were Awesome)
Jennifer Glick (Storyteller)
Jeff Gordinier (Columnist, New York Times)
Leslie Goshko (Storyteller / Host, Sideshow Goshko)
Kate Greathead (Storyteller,The Moth GrandSLAM)
Ben Greenman (Writer, The New Yorker)
Jessica Grose (Writer / Columnist, New York Times' Motherlode)
Brian Grosz (Musician / Actor)
Hallie Haglund (Writer, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)
Melanie Hamlett (Storyteller / Blogger, The Wandering Narcoleptic)
James Hannaham (Writer / Visual Artist)
Lynn Harris (Author, Break Up Girl)
David Heatley (Illustrator / Musician)
Steve Heisler (Journalist, Rolling Stone)
Seth Herzog (Comedian / Host, Sweet)
Dave Hill (Comedian / Musician / Author, Tasteful Nudes)
Will Hines (Actor / Comedian, UCB East; Adult Swim)
J. Holtham (Playwright)
Andy Horwitz (Founding Editor, Culturebot)
Betsy Housten (Writer)
Jeffrey Joseph (Comedian / Actor)
Colleen Kane (Writer)
Cynthia Kaplan (Author, Why I'm Like This)
Menachem Kaiser (Blogger, Huffington Post)
Sarah Kelly (Social Worker / Writer / Musician)
Starlee Kine (This American Life)
Julie Klam (Author, Friendkeeping)
Julie Klausner (Author, I Don't Care About Your Band; Host, How Was Your Week?)
Maris Kreizman (Creator, Slaughterhouse 90210)
Aryn Kyle (Author, Boys And Girls Like You And Me)
Katherine Lanpher (Journalist, Upstairs at The Square, The Al Franken Show)
Jillian Lauren (Author, Some Girls)
Brad Lawrence (Storyteller; And I Am Not Lying)
Catie Lazarus (Host, Employee Of The Month)
JiJi Lee (Writer / Storyteller)
Margot Leitman (Host, Stripped Stories)
Ben Lerman (Comedian / Musician)
Ben Lillie (Storyteller / Creator, The Story Collider)
Sam Lipsyte (Author, The Ask)
Beth Lisick (Storyteller / Author, Everybody Into The Pool)
LLOYD UNITED (Musical Guest)
Jack Long (Actor)
Michael Malice (Writer)
Laura Jayne Martin (Writer, Thought Catalog)
Jackie Mancini (Writer / Editor, Guyspeed)
Tim Manley (Storyteller / Author)
Courtney Maum (Writer)
Liam McEneaney (Comedian / Creator, Tell Your Friends)
Kristin McGonigle (Writer)
Amanda Melson (Comedy Writer)
Terence Mickey (Writer)
Doug Moe (Comedian, Bad Dad)
Taylor Negron (Writer / Actor, Fast Times at Ridgemont High)
Daniel Nester (Author, How To Be Inappropriate)
Anna North (Author, America Pacifica)
Mike O'Brien (Writer, SNL / Creator, 7 Minutes in Heaven)
Jim O'Grady (Storyteller / WNYC Reporter)
Bridget O'Neill (Storyteller)
Tony O'Neill (Author)
Greg Olear (Author, Fathermucker / Editor, The Weeklings)
Isaac Oliver (Playwright; Intimacy Idiot)
Louis Peitzman (Writer / Senior Editor, BuzzFeed)
Chelsea Peretti (Comedian, Brooklyn Nine Nine)
Alyssa Pinsker (Writer)
Susan Piver (Author, The Wisdom Of A Broken Heart)
Bob Powers (Writer / Host, Steamboat Humor Readings)
Mindy Raf (Storyteller / Comedian / Author, The Symptoms of My Insanity)
D.E. Rasso (Writer)
Hillary Rea (Storyteller, Tell Me A Story)
Lodro Rinzler (Author, The Buddha Walks Into A Bar)
Ashley Brooke Roberts (Comedian)
Campbell Robertson (Contributor, New York Times)
Scott Rogowsky (Running Late With Scott Rogowsky)
Andrea Rosen (Comedian / Actress, Stella)
Mark Sam Rosenthal (Storyteller / Actor)
Andy Ross (Writer / Storyteller / Host, Real Characters)
Dana Rossi (Host, The Soundtrack Series)
Tracy Rowland (Storyteller / Emmy Award Winning TV Editor)
Giulia Rozzi (Comedian / Writer, Girl Code)
Jenny Rubin (Comedian / Host, The Jenny Rubin Show)
Dorian Rush (Actress / Musician)
Hugh Ryan (Writer)
Rakesh Satyal (Writer)
Rosie Schaap (New York Times Magazine / Author, Drinking With Men)
Sara Schaefer (Comedian, You Had To Be There)
Elissa Schappell (Author, Blueprints For Building Better Girls)
John Sellers (Writer)
Amy Shapiro (Comedian)
Rob Sheffield (Music Critic / Author, Love Is A Mix Tape; Turn Around Bright Eyes)
Rachel Sherman (Author, The Living Room)
Tom Shillue (Storyteller / Host, Funny Biz)
Rachel Shukert (Author, Everything's Going To Be Great)
Choire Sicha (Author / Co-founder, The Awl)
Jeff Simmermon (This American Life / Storyteller, And I Am Not Lying)
Cassie J. Sneider (Fine Fine Music; Kings of Karaoke)
Amy Sohn (Author, Prospect Park West)
Joanne Solomon (Storyteller)
Diana Spechler (Author, Skinny / Storyteller)
Sharon Spell (Comedian, The Big Shrink)
Wesley Stace (aka John Wesley Harding) (Writer / Musician)
Dodai Stewart (Editor, Jezebel)
Lianne Stokes (Writer)
Emma Straub (Author, Other People We Married)
Rose Surnow (Humorist / Writer, New York Magazine, VICE)
Jonathan Taylor (Writer)
Justin Taylor (Author, The Gospel Of Anarchy)
Baratunde Thurston (Author, How To Be Black)
Jacob Tomsky (Author, Heads in Beds)
Ted Travelstead (Vanity Fair / Author, SEX: Our Bodies, Our Junk)
Brooke Van Poppelen (Comedian / Writer, Girl Code, Guy Code)
Victor Varnado (Comedian; Director)
Joe Veix (Humor Writer, The New Yorker; The Awl)
Adam Wade (Storyteller / Host, Adam Wade From New Hampshire)
Juliet Hope Wayne (The Moth GrandSLAM / Best Comedian in Philadelphia 2012)
Teddy Wayne (Author, Kapitoil)
Katherine Wessling (Actor / Storyteller)
Mara Wilson (Host, What Are You Afraid Of? / Actor, Matilda)
Lizz Winstead (Writer / Comedian / Co-Creator, The Daily Show)
S.L. Wisenberg (Writer / Blogger)
Aaron Wolfe (Storyteller, The Moth)
John Wray (Author, Low Boy)
Royal Young (Writer, Interview)
Sasheer Zamata (Actress / Comedian, SNL)
Edith Zimmerman (Writer / Founding Editor, The Hairpin)