Since 2009, The How I Learned Series has featured writers, storytellers, comedians, and other raconteurs holding forth on lessons learned, unlearned, relearned or in progress. The How I Learned Series happens once a month, and sometimes more than that, which basically means you will have the best night of your life on those nights, repeatedly.

How I Learned...
• How I Learned's 6-Year Anniversary Show Plus A Tribute to Taylor Negron!

How I Learned...
• It's Not Me It's You (Or Maybe It's Me)
• It Was a Good Idea at the Time
 On My Summer Vacation
To Make a Mixtape
To Live in New York
 There Might Be Some Issues: Stories About Therapy
It's Not Like In The Movies
• Breaking Up is Hard to Do
The Awful Truth! Stories of Backstabbing and Betrayal!
• The Hard Way - The 5-Year Anniversary Show 

March's Best In Show: Michelle Onufrak
May's Best In Show: Sandi Marx

How I Learned...
• The Language Of Love
• Special Show: The Last Hurrah at Happy Ending
• To Break All The Rules
 You Can't Always Get What You Want
 Little Things Are Big
To Lie, Cheat Or Steal
I Might Be Obsessed
• To Let Go
• How I Learned's 4-Year Anniversary Show!

November's How I Learned / Best In Show (Blender): Steve Whyte
August's Best In Show: Marc Abbott
June's Best In Show: Justin McElway
Storytimes #3 Winner: Julie Threlkeld


Storytimes #2 Winner: Mark Sam Rosenthal
Storytimes #1 Winner: Jefferson

How I Learned...
The Rules of Attraction: Stories about Online Dating
About Sex
It's Not Me, It's You (Or Maybe It's Me)
To Fight Back!
There Might Be Some Issues: Stories About Therapy
I Was Basically In Love With You


How I Learned...
To Believe
To Inhale: Stories About Drugs
To Live On The Road: Tales Of Travels, Travails, Wanderlust + Out-Of-Town Hijinks
I Was Right All Along
Music Could Change My Life
It's Basically All My Parents' Fault
Once Was Enough
What Life Is Like
To Lie, Cheat Or Steal
I Might Be Obsessed


How I Learned...
What Everyone Else Already Knew
To Live In New York
To Laugh At Myself: Embarrassing Stories Of Humiliation + Hilarity
We Were Breaking Up
The Hard Way
About Sex
To Be Super Successful!
My Adolescence Was Over
Everyone Is Against Me
To Steal From The Liquor Cabinet: Stories About Drinking