Since 2009, How I Learned has featured some of the best live storytelling, reading, and comedy in New York. It all happens every month, and sometimes more than that, which basically means you'll have the best night of you life on those nights, repeatedly.

"...Always hilarious, sometimes touching, and without fail entertaining."
- Brooklyn Magazine

"Hostess Blaise Allysen Kearsley makes sure to keep it awkwardly funny."
- CBS New York

"One of Five Best Storytelling Shows in New York City."
- Time Out New York Critics' Pick

"One of Five Best Comedy Shows Hosted by Women."
- CBS New York

"A raucous raconteur series"
- Brokelyn

"A celebrated series."
The New York Times

"Two times now this show has renewed my faith in this whole storytelling endeavor and what it means in the world."
– David Crabb, Bad Kid

"Each show was a packed, standing room only crowd that would be lit on fire as the show progressed... Storytellers are permitted to read—if that's how their material is served best—which means it also draws a lot of brilliant writers."
- Ophira Eisenberg, NPR's Ask Me Another

"If you've never been, it's the best and you should go."
- Midnight Breakfast

"The night proves that, with time and liquor, some of the most painful lessons make the best stories." 
- Electric Literature's The Outlet

"It's the Berlitz of bad behavior."
- Emdashes

"Had a great time at How I Learned last night! Packed to the rafters!" 
- Scott Rogowsky, Running Late with Scott Rogowsky

"One of the best reading series the Big Apple, and possibly the world, has ever known."
- Greg Olear, The Weeklings

"A raucous raconteur series." 
- Brokelyn

"Writers, comics, musicians, and general wordsmiths take the phrase 'How I learned...' and propel it into engaging, hilarious, and even extreme territories." 
- Sosh

"Basically The Moth meets A&E Biography, but live, and featuring NYC microcelebrities.
- NBC New York

"Quasi-social events where literature meets comedy meets performance."

- Brooklyn News Service

"The founder of the How I Learned Series, Blaise Allysen Kearsley, is a charming host with an irrepressible, humming little laugh that seems to be a compromise she’s made with some wicked guffaw within."
- Rachel Lyon, LitWrap

"Best show ever."
- Joe Veix, Death and Taxes

* * *

How I Learned has also been named a Critics' Pick in three separate Time Out sections: 
Own This City, Books and Comedy.

* * *

Named 1 of  5 Best Storytelling Series in NYC by Time Out New York: Comedy. And we're in great company.

Named one of the best things to do on a date in Time Out New York's summer dating issue.

How I Learned gets a lovely shout out from author, essayist and HIL alum Chloe Caldwell on Book Stalker.

How I Learned is mentioned on Critical Mob in the Critical Reads column, the Comedy Relief Edition, in a blurb about writer and HIL alum Courtney Maum.

How I Learned gets a nod from The New York Freakin' Times.

The many merits of How I Learned are explained for Tin House in "Six Ways Reading Series Can Improve Your Writing" by HIL alum Courtney Maum.

"How I Learned To Say I'm Sorry," featuring Elissa Schappell, appears on the front page of Time Out's Books section online.

Electric Literature's The Outlet covered the April 2011's installment "How I Learned It's Not Me It's You (Or Maybe It's Me)."

CBS New York listed How I Learned as one of the Five Best Things To Do

How I Learned appeared in the "Notable New York" column on The Rumpus.

How I Learned is featured in two separate articles on The Ticker: "How I Learned... live series takes off!" and "How she learned from her 'mis-education.'"

Time Out interviews featured How I Learned guests, including Julie Klausner and Stefan Merrill Block: 'What Life is Like.'

Flavorpill cites How I Learned as a get-there-early-it-fills-up-fast kind of series.

How I Learned goes to NEW ORLEANS for a sold out two-night stand, and gets featured in Best of New Orleans.

How I Learned shows up on the front page of The L Magazine online. (Left)

How I Learned is featured on the front page of Time Out's Own This City blog with a post about learning to live in New York for, what else, the "How I Learned to Live in New York" show.

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